Top 5 Tips To Get Rid of Blackheads and Reduce it

When we talk about removing blackheads we are not talking about something hard to do, every one can stands up in front of his mirror and start to extract some of these ugly blackheads with fingers .. She or he will succeed in extracting some of them, especially those big and matured blackheads and will fail in extracting most of them especially those small and new blackheads. So every one can do this but removing blackheads is not the main problem, our main problem how can we remove all of blackheads – not only some of them – without harming our facial skin and make things get worse. actually i will not lie on you, removing all of your skin blackheads permanently will be too hard unless you follow healthy food system and always take care of your skin cleaning. but we can still reduce blackheads and get rid of most of them, but to do that we need to know two important things : the causes of blackheads because once we know the reasons we can easily avoid them and the second thing is how we can get rid of them, you can get rid of them by using a blackhead remover tool or by applying some homemade masks but in this article we will tell you more healthy tips recommended by skin care experts to get rid of blackheads safely and easily, So let us begin our tips now.

Top tips recommended by skin care experts to remove blackheads

  1. Wash Your Face : The most important advise that skin care experts and us give you is to wash your face regularly, you must wash your facial skin at least twice per day to prevent accumulation of dirt, dust and oil. the accumulation of all of these things will fill your face pores and then blackheads will formed, and if you have an oily skin things may get worse because the wide pores is one of the most important properties of oily skin and therefore blackheads will form faster and you should make more effort to keep your skin clean.
  2. Keep Your Fingers Away : Don’t ever try to touch blackheads with your fingers or nails to extract them from your skin pores, Unfortunately this is one of the most common methods used by people in all over the world to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads, this method may seems easy but it can really cause many permanently negative effects to your skin .. the simplest examples of these effects are pore expansion, moving of bacteria from an infected area to another non infected area, moving of bacteria from your nails to your facial skin and even the possibility of hurting your skin with your nails. Do not forget that our facial skin is thin and sensitive than any other skin of our body.
  3. Warm Steam Bath : Making a facial steam bath not only important to remove blackheads, facial steam bath can really improve your skin blood circulation, protect you from acne and reducing them, help your skin to rebuild and restore itself, help you get rid of dead skin cells, let your skin breath and rest and many and many other benefits, and the best thing of this method is it’s really easy to prepare .. you can put some warm water in a clean bowl – by the way we don’t recommend to be more than 45 Celsius or 113 Fahrenheit – and put your face above the water bowl for about 15 minutes but don’t forget to put dry towel on your head to prevent hot steam from escaping, this method will naturally and safely expand your skin pores and clean them up from dirt and blackheads. to get the best results we recommend you to use facial steam bath device .. it is easy to use and not too expensive.
  4. Your Pillow Cover : You should also take care of the cleanliness of your pillow cover, if you have blackheads although you clean your face well and regularly, So your pillow cover could be one of the most important reasons of blackheads appearance. you should change it regularly at least one time per week to reduce the risks of skin bacterial infection, sleeping on your pillow night after night without cleaning the cover or changing it can really makes your pillow a bactericidal warehouse especially if you don’t wash your face before going to sleep.
  5. Blackheads Duct Tapes : You can also use blackheads duct tapes to get rid of them and the best time to do this is after your facial steam bath because your skin pores will be wider, So blackheads removing will also be easier. but we have to mention here an important thing .. some skin care experts believed that this is a bad and wrong method because it may cause pores expansion which can cause bigger blackheads. they advise you to wash your face with cold water or wipe it with a piece of ice to close your skin pores or at least reduce their size.
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