How To Remove Thick Dead Skin From Feet Naturally

The thick dead skin on feet is one of the most annoying things for everyone and especially for women because the softness and beauty feet is one of the womanhood signs and it causes embarrassment to her especially if she loves to wear flip flops, open sandals or high heels in summer and some women may avoid wearing them to avoid this embarrassment but as each problem has a solution, the thick dead skin on feet also has many solutions not only one and we will try in this article to give you the best solutions to get rid of thick and dead skin on your feet.

First of all and before we talk about the solutions we must know the reasons of thick skin formation on feet because if we know the reasons we can avoid them easily and take our first step on the path of treatment. in fact, dead skin on feet can occur due to several factors and reasons, we put them in the next bullet points to be more easy and clear to read.

The Causes of Thick Dead Skin on Feet

The Causes of Thick Dead Skin on Feet:

  • Bad and Tight Shoes: the tight shoes can press heavily on your feet and prevent them from breathing and this can form dead skin protrusions, they can be uncomfortable and painful. The dead skin protrusions forms in places of pressure on your feet and their size are usually between five and ten millimeters, these protrusions usually occur because you are wearing shoes that do not fit your foot ..  you must check your shoe size many times before buying it and forget about it if it doesn’t fit your foot, no matter how beautiful and elegant it is because it may actually cause you many foot problems. the ideal shoe should not be too tight or too wide.
  • Unhealthy Food System: foot skin is not different from any other skin in your body, Just as your facial skin is affected by your food system the foot skin may also be affected because your foot skin needs vitamins like as Vitamine A, C, and E to produce collagen and elastin which keeps your skin elastic and healthy, and if you only eat junk food which is usually free of important vitamins and mineral salts then, it is normal to have many skin problems and may also general health problem such as Anemia.
  • You May Not Drink Enough water: water is not less important than eating healthy food .. actually, it is more important for your skin than anything else and I think it will be enough to know that is between 65% to 75% of our bodies consists of water and you can read this article to know more details, drinking a lot of water is very important to avoid skin dryness, skin peeling and it can also play a big role in preventing wrinkles .. many studies confirm that we need to drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, but please keep in mind that when we talk about water we only mean the pure water not any type of soft drinks or hot drinks ( only pure water ).
  • Bad Quality Soap and Creams: using bad quality soap or non-genuine brands of foot creams may also hurt your foot skin, using bad quality detergent or soap to wash your feet can reduce your skin natural oils which are very important to keep your foot skin moist, elastic and healthy.
  • Barefoot Walking and Standing for a long time: Barefoot walking can increase the roughness of your heels and even infection transmission especially if you walk on an unclean floor, Standing on your feet for a long time may also increase the chances of feet cracks ( and this is why many farmers suffer from cracks ), you should wear good and comfortable shoes if you are a teacher or your job requires standing up for a long time and try to take a sit whenever you can.
  • You May Not Pamper Your Feet: everything around us need some care to work fine and to be in a good situation, as an example: you need to take care of your car oil and water to give you a better performance, you need to take care of your hair and comb it every time before going to work, university or school and Certainly you bought several types of hair oils and creams to keep it shiny and healthy … etc, But have you ever asked yourself why I don’t give my feet the same care? I’m sure most of us don’t give our feet the care it deserves, although body comfort starts from your feet. Anyway, these are some quick tips.

Quick Tips To Take Care of Your Feet Skin

Quick Tips To Take Care of Your Feet Skin:

  1. Don’t Walk barefoot without shoes or slippers
  2. Use a good antiseptic gel at least twice per week
  3. Moisturizing your feet using Vaseline at least 4 times per week
  4. Scrubbing your feet with a soft foot file after every shower
  5. Scrubbing your feet with a Pumice stone at least one time per week
  6. Soak your feet in a warm salt water at least once per week ( you can’t imagine the benefits of this thing )
  7. Avoid wearing high heels ( i know it may be difficult but believe me, sometimes fashion could be fatal )
  8. Wash your feet daily at least with only water but it will be fine if you use a good soap and detergent
  9. I strongly recommend you to rub your feet with Coconut or olive oil .. personally, I prefer coconut oil than any other oil, through my personal experience you can get rid of thick and dead skin only by using Coconut Oil, you can say goodbye for any dryness in your feet skin if you use Coconut oil continually.

How to Get Rid of Thick Dead Skin From Your Feet

How to Get Rid of Thick Dead Skin From Your Feet:

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are many ways to get rid of thick and dead skin on your feet … we will try to talk about all of them and to put them in a bulleted list to keep them easy to read for your eyes and we will also try to recap them at the end in a good infographic image to make it easy to share, so let us begin.

Natural Foot Soaks To Remove Dead Skin From Your Feet:

Epsom Salt and Bicarbonate

  1. Put about 2 tablespoons of any good essential oil + 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate + 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to about 3 liters of warm water and mix them very well
  2. Soak your feet in this mixture for about 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and use it at least twice per week .. this is a very effective mixture to get rid of dead skin and even feet pain and cramps, it will give your feet a great softness.

Olive Oil and Lemon juice

  1. Put a cup of lemon juice ( lemonade ) and another cup of olive oil to 3 liters of warm water
  2. Soak your feet in this mixture for about half an hour .. you can only use it twice per week, this mixture is very good to get rid of foot cracks.

Lawsonia Inermis ( Henna )

  1. Put 2 tablespoons on some warm water to get a cohesive and flexible paste
  2. Put this paste on any dead or thick skin on your feet and leave it until it dry, then wash your feet with water. repeat it two times per week until you get the result that you want.

Sinapis Paste

  1. Grind about a glass of Sinapis and mix it with water until you get a cohesive and flexible paste
  2. Put the paste on the thick dead skin on your feet and wrap your feet with a clean plastic bag for about 15 minutes, then wash your feet with water.

Sugar and Baking Soda

  1. Bring a glass of white sugar with baking soda and about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of Jojoba oil and mix all of them very well
  2. Put this mixture on dead skin for about 1 hour, then wash your feet and dry it with a towel and rub it with Vaseline or any other moisturizing cream. this mixture is very effective in skin peeling and moisturizing it, you can use this method at least twice per week until you get good results.

Warm Water and Pumice Stone

  1. Soak your feet in about 3 liters of warm water and salt for about 15 minutes, then dry your feet and massage your dead skin gently with a pumice stone or a foot file ( personally I prefer pumice stone )
  2. Do this until you get rid of any thick skin as possible as you can, then wash your feet with warm water and dry it again with a towel, rub your feet gently with olive oil or coconut oil or castor oil and wrap it with a plastic bag and wear a cotton socks, leave it until morning and when you wake up wash it very well with warm water and put some moisturizing cream or Vaseline.

Using Razor To Remove Thick Dead Skin From Your Feet:

Using feet razors is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of dead skin on your feet but it is not the safest way, in general you should not be an expert to use it, using the razor to remove dead skin can be very easy and safe if you know how to use it and we will show you by video how to use your razor for this thing, but at first we must warn you that many doctors don’t recommend it because many foot razors and dead skin shavers contain very sharp blades and any extra pressure from you while using it may hurt your skin and cause bleeding ( believe me, feet’s wounds are very hard especially if it was in your heels ). anyway, if you prefer to use it we recommend you to see this short video tutorial.

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