Why are My Nipples Getting Darker and Areola Getting Bigger?

Nipples have different shapes and colors from woman to another depending on many factors like as body hormones especially the estrogen hormone, Most women have pinky breast nipples especially if they did not get pregnant before, But sometimes you may notice some changes with your nipple’s color and you may ask yourself why i got darker nipples without pregnancy? in this article, we will do our best to answer this question and help you know all possible reasons that can cause getting darker nipples but we will start with the most common reason.

Reasons of Getting Darker Breast Nipples :

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding : Dark nipples can be a good pregnancy sign, Most pregnant women start to notice some changes with their nipples color and size due to changing of their body hormones, this can occur between week #10 and week #15 of pregnancy and it will complete with you all your pregnancy journey, some women think that they will get rid of this after birth but unfortunately this will not happen. their nipple’s color will not change until they stop lactation… So we can say they will notice some changes after about 2 years of birth.

We strongly recommend you not to prevent your baby from natural lactation .. you certainly know the benefits of natural breastfeeding on your baby health whether long term or short term, You can simply interest your time with your new baby and take care of your nipples skin because your nipples more likely to infect with inflammation and dryness during lactation, you can rub them every night before going to sleep with olive oil or coconut oil or even Vaseline to keep them away from cracking and dryness. that is all you can do at this stage and with the passage of time everything will return back to its nature.

Puberty and Menstruation : Don’t worry if you notice that your nipple became darker especially if you are in the puberty age, its one of the natural symptoms of puberty because your ovaries started to make estrogen hormone inside your body and this hormonal change may cause areola getting bigger in size and darker in color. Also, many women may notice some changes with their nipple color during ovulation and before menstrual period and that is really natural because of the great hormonal changes in that period. all you can do is to be patient and everything will return back to its nature.

Birth Control and Contraceptive Pills : Taking contraceptive pills may also effect your nipples color because these pills have different mixture of estrogen and progesterone hormones. but your body secrete these hormones naturally and when you take them also as a supplements your hormones will be at their highest level, This situation can have the same effects of puberty period on your body as we mentioned earlier in this article. you can stop taking contraceptive pills for a while to assure if it was the reason of darkening areolas or not, but it is important to mention that there is no scientific evidence about this thing. Anyway, we believe that Contraceptive Pills can cause many harmful effects on your body and you can read more about birth control pills side effects from here.

Overweight and Obesity

Overweight and Obesity : Weight gain has many negative effects on your body health more than you can imagine and it can directly and indirectly effect all your body hormones, if you suffer with obese it may be the reason of dark ring around your areola with no pregnancy. obese can expand and stretch your areoale tissues, this can makes your areola getting bigger and become more darker. obese may also indirectly effect your body melanin which plays an important role of your hair, eye and skin color especially fatty tissues and that is what George Mason university discovered after their two years study. in our own opinion it is very important to put a very strict plan as soon as possible to lose your overweight, not only for your nipples skin color or your body skin beauty but for your overall body health and you can start from here, with this tool you can calculate your body mass and your ideal weight that your body should have.

Nipples Inflammation : Many reasons can cause inflammation of nipples which can getting them darker, the most common reasons are wearing bras with low quality materials, wearing unclean bras, using low quality or unoriginal body creams and lotions, using some bad types of soap which can cause skin irritation and sometimes swimming in pools treated with chlorine may cause itchy skin which can cause nipples inflammation at the long term. you should only wash your nipples with warm water, but if your nipples inflammation continues you must see your doctor as soon as you can.

Breast Cancer : if you notice some bloody secretions, swelling, abnormal lumps within your internal breast tissues and red or dark red breast nipples …  Unfortunately, it may be a strong sign of breast cancer and please remember that we say ( may be ) we don’t confirm this, you must go to your doctor to check out your breast. But you don’t have to worry because nowadays there are many breast cancer treatments without mastectomy or any side effects especially if it is a benign tumor, but you must know that the sooner you go to the doctor the faster and easier you will get heal. if you want to know more about how you can check your breast by yourself at home you can read this article or you can watch this 3 minutes video.



Our Conclusion :

We did our best to write the most common reasons of getting darker nipples and we are sure there are many other reasons, In General any hormonal changes in your body especially with ( estrogen and progesterone hormones ) can be the main reason of why do your nipples can become darker. some of these reasons are natural and can be controlled and all you can only do is to be patient until they go on their own with the passage of time, and some other reasons are unnatural and can be very dangerous if you don’t take any action exactly like we saw in the last reason and the reason before it. In General if your nipples don’t secrete any bloody or abnormal secretions and if you don’t notice any abnormal breast lumps, So you don’t have to be worry.

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