Top 6 Reasons of Facial Blackheads and Pimples

Many people women and even men suffer from blackheads, regardless of its type and location .. some suffer from blackheads on chin, others suffer from blackheads on cheeks but most of people suffer from blackheads on their nose. in general no one did not suffer from blackheads at least once in his life. but who of all those people really know the reasons of blackheads? in my opinion i think only 10% or 20% of them at most know the truth about blackheads and why they are formed. anyway, before i write this article i also didn’t know anything about the reasons of blackheads or let me say i know a little, but i do some deep research about this problem to know and help you know with me the real reasons and once we know the reasons we can easily avoid them to reduce as possible as we can blackheads formation. so let us begin.

The Top Reasons of blackheads and why they are formed:

  1. Oily Skin and Fatty Meals : wide pores one of the oily skin properties and that is why most people who have oily skin suffer from blackheads, because their skin producing a big amount of natural oils that are the main cause the formation of pimple,blackheads and acne, and to avoid the oily skin problems you must start to follow a very good food system which has less fats. don’t avoid fats completely in your daily meals because they are very important for your body health but you should only reduce their amount to avoid your oily skin problems.
  2. Drinking of Caffeine : the caffeine is not completely bad or harmful, sometimes the caffeine is very useful for your body and brain cells. but the main problem is over drinking it by drinking coffee or cocoa or even black tea, this will not only harm your facial skin but can also harm your brain cells at the long term. anyway, the over drinking of caffeine is one of the most important reasons of blackheads and acne. So, you should also reduce your daily amount of caffeine if you really want to have healthy skin free of problems.
  3. Low Quality Makeup : using of some low quality makeup or non original skin care products can also be an important reason of having blackheads and pimples on your skin. using natural homemade masks or even washing your face only with water two or three times per day still more healthy than using these type of makeup and skin care products which can strongly harm your skin. buy your skin care products from famous brands and reliable places but if you have a low budget you can only use some natural masks that you can easily make them at home.
  4. Unwashed Face : Each one of us has his own responsibilities, some of use have to go to their work and others have to go to their university or their schools, but in fact we are not alone in this world, there are millions or even billions of dust atoms everywhere around us which we can not see with our naked eyes but our skin see them and affected by them and that is why you must wash your face at least twice per day ( let us say one in the morning and another one in the evening or when you arrive to home )
  5. Unwashed Tools : washing your facial care tools is also much important as washing your face not only to avoid blackheads/whiteheads or acne but also to reduce any bacterial or microbial skin infection, many women wrongly think that as long as they are the only one who use their skin care tools, they are far away from any skin infection and that is completely wrong .. actually you can infect your self. you have to be sure of the cleanse of your tools before using it because as we known previously we are not alone in this world and the best way to cleanse your tools is to wipe them carefully with a piece of cotton and alcohol or you can wash them with medical or normal soap and warm water and that is will be good enough.
  6. Sleeping With Your Makeup : this is one of the most common causes of blackheads, many women return home after a very long day of hard working and because of their tired they only want to sleep even without eating, washing their face or removing their makeup. actually your skin feeling tired because of your makeup exactly as your body feeling tired due to your hard work, your skin need to rest and breath to restore its healthy and beauty, but sleeping without removing makeup will close your skin pores and may cause many skin problems at the long term and one of these problems is blackheads.

Our Conclusion

at the end of this article we can conclude the causes of blackheads in only two things : low attention about cleaning and cleansing, cleaning your facial skin and cleansing your skin care tools. the second reason is low attention about what we eat, you have to decrease your amount of fats in your meals especially if you have an oily skin because both of them will increase the worst of your situation. after we knew the blackhead reasons we can automatically discover the blackheads natural treatments away from blackhead removers or kits, in general any healthy habit affect your skin will absolutely help you get rid of blackheads like as drinking a lot of water, eating healthy food and washing your face many times per day, all of these things can help you get healthy body not only healthy skin.

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