Wrinkles Under Eyes When Smiling Causes and Treatments Guide

Many people around the world suffer from wrinkles under eyes and this may be understood and naturally especially if they are old and over 60 or even 50 but what is not understood that many of young people also suffer from wrinkles at an early age … Youth that is not yet 25 years old and sometimes less than 20 years old.

But as you know everything in this world has a reason and cause, and because the first step on the way to solve any problem is to know and find out the reasons to avoid it you will know with us in this article the most common causes of wrinkles around eyes and the best ways to treat and reduce them.

Wrinkles around eyes have many famous names among people, for an example : crow’s feet under eyes, panda’s eyes, fine lines under eyes and sometimes some people called them ( laugh lines ) … all of them are names of one problem many people are suffering from it, some of them may completely ignore it or surrender to it because they think they could not treat it and the others worried too much about them and they are constantly looking for how to get rid of them.

And I think you are one of the second type of people who looking for a wrinkles treatment and that is why you are reading this article which I hope to be your first steps on treatment way, but as a kind of motivation let me at first tell you a very short story of Sarah and her suffering with eye wrinkles, by the way Sarah is the daughter of my older sister and I love her too much

Sarah is about 25 years old nowadays, about two and half years ago she was suffering from eye wrinkles exactly like you if not more and she spent a lot of time in front of here mirror every night before going to sleep trying to find a solution for her ugly wrinkles … she read a lot about wrinkles treatments, lotions and masks … and she spent hundreds of dollars and many months without any real positive result until an accident occurred to her while she was walking down stairs and her foot was broken. Here doctor tell her to rest in the bed for about six weeks … Certainly this was a very big problem to her because she is a working woman but she has no choice.

And after less than 3 weeks something else began to heal but Sarah’s feet … yes, it’s wrinkles under eyes. Sarah began to notice the disappearance of here wrinkles but she does not know the reason, is it the effect of the wrinkles creams and lotions? But she already stopped them for about month and a half, so the creams are not the reason … Stress is the real reason, stress can harm your facial skin more than you imagine. A woman who working for more than 7 hours continuously per day, then return home to take care of her family ( husband and Children ) and she finds herself forced to reduce her sleeping hours and moreover her neglecting of eating healthy food, So no wonder she has wrinkles and unhealthy skin.

Her stay in bed due to of the accident forced her to stop all of these bad habits that don’t only harm her skin but also her overall body health, now Sarah noticed that her body has rights … today she does not sleep less than 8 continuous or interrupted hours per day along with drinking more water and eating healthy food like as vegetables and fruits.

From this story you should know that you must first avoid the problem causes before starting to treat it because whatever you purchased of creams, lotions, oils to treat your wrinkles … you will never success to get rid of it as long as its causes still exist, So no wonder to meet some women who have beautiful and healthy facial skin and when you ask them what kind of creams do you use? They answered you simply ( nothing ) … The health of their body reflected on their facial skin.


Causes of Wrinkles around Eyes and Crow Feet

Before we start with reasons let us first know what our skin consists of to know what are wrinkles under eyes and the meaning of crow’s feet under eye. Our facial skin consists of three different layers :
1. Epidermis: this is the outer layer which we see when we stand in front of our mirror
2. Dermis: and this is the middle layer
3. Subcutaneous: this is the last layer of our skin

In General, We should not have wrinkles around our eyes when we are at a young age because our facial skin holding in moisture and does a great job of stretching … the middle layer which called dermis has two different proteins which are very important for our skin health and the first one called ( Collagen ) and the second one called ( Elastin ).

Both of them are playing an important role in preventing eye wrinkles and giving our skin a youthful appearance, but with the passage of age and time the proportion of Elastin and Collagen decreases in our skin, also fats inside the subcutaneous layer which gives our skin a plump good appearance start to disappear and as a nature result of all these factors our skin starts to lose its moisture and elasticity … skin begins to sag and here wrinkles occur under eyes. Some people may also call wrinkles with laugh lines and this is because it may only appear while laughing with some people.

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